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Do you make foil cards?
Yes, I make both foil and regular cards for the same price.


Do you accept custom orders?
Of course, I have a dedicated section that will guide you in requesting custom cards


Do you make custom cards with an alternate name?
Yes, here is an example! More info is in the custom requests section.









Do you make double-sided cards?
Yes, these too have their own section and can be made foil or regular.


Do your cards fit in sleeves?
Any card comes in perfect size + normal sleeve if needed, weight and dimensions are like those of an MTG card.


Where do you ship from?
Cards are created and shipped from Italy.


Are proxy tournaments legal?
Proxy cards are not tournament-legal, however, tokens, emblems, and counters can usually be used :) Ask your LGS for more info!


If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me at support@customthatcards.com

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