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A quick guide on how to place an order for cards on the site and custom cards, with all the related steps:


Let's say for example that I need


-2 Edgard Markov 1 Regular 1 Foil
-3 Vampire Tokens 1/1 Foil
-2 Custom cards which will be 1 Sol Ring and 1 Savai Triome


Put in the Shopping Cart all the products, choose the quantity and if you want the cards Foil or Regular
































After that add a note to every product with the art number you want me to print.


























For the Custom Request in this section fill out the form.

















Finally, upload the images of the 2 custom cards requested, and complete the purchase by choosing the 

shipping method, entering a discount code if you have one, providing the data where to ship, and choosing the payment method! After that we will be good to go, you will receive a confirmation email and, as soon as they are ready, an email with the preview images for the custom cards :)

add to the shopping chart.jpeg
2 add note.jpeg
3 example customs.jpeg
4 add images.jpeg
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